ModaLisboa50: Documentary marks the first 5 decades of the fashion event

Fifty editions. 25 years. It was inevitable: the last edition of ModaLisboa, which happened in March of this year, would have to be a retrospective of everything that has passed the national fashion for even this one of the biggest events of the scope in the country. In fact, the name of the edition was even N.50, straight and without doubt.

And if some Portuguese creators revisited the past of their own work and all present remembered the previous editions in a sense of pride for what has been achieved today, the association ModaLisboa itself marks the date with the documentary ModaLisboa 50.

Realized by Márcio Simões with production for RTP2, the documentary to be presented on October 2 has interviews with some of the great names that mark the Portuguese fashion. From Nuno Gama to Fátima Lopes, passing by so many other creators once presented as stylists, the film does not forget the voice of Eduarda Abbondanza, director of ModaLisboa, who escapes an ‘Oh my god! There we go in a retrospective edition! “.

ModaLisboa 50 is about this, and more. It is about the Portuguese fashion that parades in Lisbon but has eyes set from north to south of the country, as well as outside Lusas lands, were not the event, also, a show for the world.

Since ModaLisboa is a semi-annual event, the next edition will happen next month, from October 11 to 14 under the _multiplex theme.

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