“Modern Machine” is the new single by Electric Man

“Modern Machine” addresses the phenomenon of social networks and the exacerbated ego that explodes from there, the fact that we alienate ourselves from reality and build a new one, which suits us best, through a screen.

After two albums and a single released at the beginning of the year, “Much More Space” – with the participation of Suspiria Franklyn, the former singer of Les Baton Rouge – Electric Man is back with the single “Modern Machine”, the result of the bionic connection of Man with the machine, here explored in a biting way by the musician.

We are, in many cases, a kind of avatar of ourselves, which allows us to be that hero that we are unable to be in real life, making the appearance overlap with reality itself, and everything serves to appear and feed this new form. to exist. Between rock and electronic music, the sound identity achieved in “Modern Machine” is the most expressive result of all this creative madness.

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