Mogadouro takes to the scene a piece of homage to the writer Trindade Coelho

The writer Trindade Coelho will be remembered in Mogadouro with the play “Trindade a siete” written to honor the author of “My Loves” in an initiative that brings together about fifty participants.

The play is written by the director and actor Rui Silva, who studied the life and work of the Mogadian writer, José Francisco Trindade Coelho (1861-1908), to write and bring to the scene this work, which will be presented a decade after his national debut, with a new cast, new scenes and more songs.

“What Trindade Coelho wrote is as current as it was 110 years ago, and the main reason that led me to write and stage the work of Trindade Coelho. show, “said the director Rui Silva.

The play will feature three presentations scheduled for August 17, 18 and 19 in the cloisters of the convent of San Francisco in Mogadouro, which aim to bring the performing arts to the community.

“Trindade to seven” was taken to the scene ten years ago and the actor-director assumes that it is not a replacement, because there is a new cast, new scenes, others that have been improved and more songs.

The rehearsals for the play are proceeding at a good pace, the stages begin to take shape, since it is a stage flanked by a metallic structure, to be mounted in the cloisters of the convent, a few meters from the house where Trindade Coelho was born.

The convent of San Francisco, where the City Council currently operates, was a place that marked the childhood of the future writer and magistrate, hence making “all the sense to mount this recreation of experiences, with this proximity.”

According to Rui Silva, the play also brings to light the illness that led Trindade Coelho to suicide 110 years ago in Lisbon.

“It was a disease so strange that even the doctors themselves had difficulties in diagnosing it. This disease was called neurasthenia,” he explained.

In the scene will be five professional actors, which are joined by amateurs, extras and musicians who will demonstrate the experiences of the writer since his departure for Porto, his visit to the University of Coimbra and his discontent in Lisbon.

“It’s an interesting challenge that has its difficulties and it’s always a good opportunity to do this kind of work because it gives us experience.” I know the work and although there is a lot of truth in this work, there is also fiction to keep the current. , the essence we want to convey to viewers, is there, “explained the actor Tiago França.

For her part, Francisca Lacerda, also a young actress, said that this is a great challenge and a unique opportunity to represent Trindade Coelho.

“I already knew the work of Trindade Coelho. Here I have a more demanding work, because there will be many people to see me,” he stressed.

Pedro Damião, actor who gives life to Trindade Coelho in the play, indicated that he was unaware of the most personal part of the Mogadishan writer’s life.

“It’s not easy to represent Trinity Rabbit. He visually looked good, but he was a person of constant frailty from his teens to the end of his days,” said the actor.

The piece is the responsibility of the Municipality of Mogadouro, which intends, in this way, to mark the 110 years of the death of Trindade Coelho.

“Trindade Coelho died 110 years ago, taking this event to remember the legacy of our writer and pay homage in an initiative that reaches all age groups.” Trindade Coelho left a mark in his time, which still stands today, “he emphasized. the mayor of Mogadouro, Francisco Guimarães.

In addition to being a writer and magistrate, the scholars also highlight the pedagogical aspect, namely through his book “Portuguese Citizen’s Political Handbook”, which “is little known, but is fundamental, a kind of political bible of Portugal of that time and which is also paradigmatic of his concern for civic education toward his contemporaries. “

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