Moita offers books to school libraries

The Mayor of Moita, Rui Garcia, and the Vice-President, Daniel Figueiredo, closed, yesterday, December 3, the cycle of visits to primary schools in the 1st cycle to offer books, with a view to renewing funds. documents from school libraries.

These visits, which ended yesterday, in the basic schools of Baixa da Bath and Vale da Amoreira, started on October 26th. It is recalled that the Moita City Council offers, every year, to the nine libraries of the basic schools of Moita, Alhos Vedros, Vale da Amoreira, and Baixa da Bath, a set of books designed to complement school curriculum themes, through recreational reading, thus promoting knowledge through leisure.

This year, the municipality’s investment in the acquisition of the books was 1300 euros and includes, among others, the following current publications, chosen by the library teachers: “O Urso e a Casa dos Livros”, “Não Quero Mais Abraços”, “O Lobo Mau que não Gostava de Ler”, “A Grande Fábrica das Palavras”, “Não Abras Este Livro”, “Saudades do Teu Abraço”, “História de um Caracol que Descobriu a Importância da Lentidão”, “A Loja de Todas as Histórias”, “Um Muro no Meio do Livro”. Recent municipal publications and others from Editora Local were also distributed.

This is yet another contribution so that the Municipal Libraries of Moita, sharing these resources with the School Libraries, can develop reading habits, fundamental for the development of the critical spirit and citizenship of the youngest.

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