Mónica Teotónio releases debut single “Todos os dias”

Produced by João Só

Mónica Teotónio makes her debut in music with the release of the first single “Todos os Dias”, produced by João Só, now available on all digital platforms.

This first song, from an album that is planned for 2024, is also accompanied by a video clip that can be seen on the artist’s YouTube channel.

26-year-old singer and songwriter, Mónica Teotónio, born into a family of artists, decided at the beginning of the year to venture into a new world as a music artist. Until today, singing was a passion that she kept to herself and only to a few people. Fortunately, life has always given him the foundations, both in his family and in his friends, to accept a good fight. At the beginning of this year, he went to the artist, composer, and producer João Só with the idea of recording a song, but in the meantime, one thing led to another and they ended up writing several songs until they realized that it made sense to look at this music with different eyes.

“Todosdos dias” is the debut song by Mónica Teotónio written alongside João Só and talks about the relationship between day and day and the state of mind that also changes from day to day. It is a melodic ballad that promises to show the singer’s unique voice in a classic register with a current and emotional production.

In the studio, Mónica did not limit herself to discovering the potential of her words – she also found the vulnerability and fragility that make each interpretation more intense, more human, and more contagious. The same thirst for knowledge about others, through their histories and differences, now leads her to know herself: and this has been her great adventure. From pop to rock, from more intense rhythms to quieter moments, the melodies by Mónica Teotónio’s voice are as free as their author – Mónica just wants to sing. No gender barriers or need for definition.

Mónica will be releasing more songs this year and next year we are looking forward to her debut album.

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