Monte Gordo: Gallery

The human occupation in this place is old, having been summarized for a long time to fishing communities. Now the colorful boats and their fishing gear are limited to a section of the beach, with the remaining sand being occupied by restaurants, bathing and recreational supports, and sports areas.

Having become a pioneer in the history of Algarve tourism, Monte Gordo remains an important tourist center.

The central sector of the beach is framed by a lively avenue with gardens, areas of stay and multiple tourist facilities. The environment is warmest, dry and bright in the Algarve, and the sea is known for its tranquility and warmth.

In the small dunes still forming in the busiest sector of the beach, only the thistle, with its thorns, resists constant trampling. At the extreme end of the beach, the dunes rise and you can enjoy the rich vegetation dune along the raised walkways that give access to the sand.

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