Monte Verde Festival kicks off on Thursday with James

James, James Arthur, The Hives and Vini Vici are the heads of the Monte Verde Festival, which kicks off on Thursday in Ribeira Grande, on the island of São Miguel, with several new features in this year’s edition.

Jacinto Franco, from J & M Eventos, organizer of the event, points out that this year the festival presents several new features, among them the largest dimension of the enclosure to meet demand, which “has been superior to previous years.”

The ticket office moves to the Ribeira Grande market, in order to facilitate public access to the concert venue and further integrate the initiative into local commerce.

In addition to the glasses being used to be organic and recyclable in an “even greener” festival, the promoter says that the possibility of wristbands being loaded from the home through the RFID system will be introduced, being this the first festival in the country to adopt this tool.

Considering this as the “best poster ever”, made up of about 30 artists, Jacinto Franco states that this one is “quite eclectic”, meeting “all tastes and ages”, highlighting contemporary names such as James Arthur, Vini Vici , alongside bands James and The Hives, as well as national names.

Jacinto Franco declares that the festival has a very big impact on the local economy, revealing that “there are around 200 thousand euros that are generated in the city of Ribeira Grande on the days that occurs, a considerable amount.”

The promoter of Monte Verde added that “from the festival’s budget, about 350-400 thousand euros are in the region in companies and in the regional economy.”

This year, following the approval of the Municipal Youth Card of Ribeira Grande, whose municipality supports the initiative, all ribeiragrandenses, aged between 14 and 35 years, can benefit from a fixed value of 10 euros for the three days of the festival and of 5 euros per day.

On Thursday, the festival kicks off with names such as James, a British rock band from the 1980s who starred in the latest installment of Rock In Rio in Lisbon, Beatbombers, Isaura and Supa Squad, while on Friday James Arthur , Vini Vici, Profjam, Prisma, Souza, among others.

On Sunday, the last day of the festival, The Hives, King John, Slow J and Tójó perform.

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