Montemuro theater launches new children’s show this month

The Regional Theater of Montemuro presents until the end of the year a new children’s show and has already scheduled the creation of another for the beginning of 2019, announced the artistic director of the company.

“This month we are going to start creating a new project for children and, at the beginning of the year, we have a new project linked to the Viseu Dão Lafões intermunicipal community with whom we are working and that we will be launching in March” next year, announced the artistic director, Eduardo Correia.

‘The old wooden house’ is the project that will start in September and is aimed at the ‘youngest public and that will make the circuit of the first cycle of the region and not only, will travel throughout the country, will be on tour to more alternative spaces , smaller “as the company likes to work with the younger audience.

“All our projects aimed at children have this relationship with the public, a limited audience for stories to pass, and that’s where we like to work very much, in this relationship of closeness with this younger audience, because we are storytellers “said Eduardo Correia.

Another creation is scheduled at the beginning of next year, scheduled for March, this time for adult audiences and linked to the Viseu Dão Lafões intermunicipal community, which follows a “microproject” entitled ‘The tales of Bacchus’. debuted in 2017.

“It is a project based on the world of wine and vineyards and all this relationship that exists in this territory of Viseu Dão Lafões that are called ‘Stories that Give Pleasure’ and will rely very much on this idea of ??wine and on the tales of Bacchus, much more ambitious in terms of both human and technical investment, “he explained.

An ambition to grow limited by the General Directorate of the Arts (DGArtes), which did not fully finance the amount requested by the Cultural, Sports and Recreation Association of Fôjo, who is responsible for the company of the Regional Theater of Montemuro that assumes as the ” cultural part of the association “.

Of the more than 900 thousand euros presented in the project, the DGArtes financed 719 thousand, a figure that “is channeled into the artistic creation and to the dynamics that encompasses the Montemuro Theater and has nothing to do with any other activity of the association, is exclusively for the cultural core “of the association.

“The support is clearly insufficient and we have already stated that, although our application has very good evaluation, it was a bit short of what the score was, so much that we did not understand the score, the reason for the score, so much that we were count “with what did not come, said the director of the company.

Eduardo Correia assumed that the association “was modest” in presenting the value to DGArtes since it requested “a value that was not too much for the activities to be carried out”, that is, “taking into account the country’s issue and very much in mind the values ??announced through DGArtes “for this four-year period.

“We had to withdraw some projects and restructure others and we were sorry, because our project is a little fragile since what we thought can not be effectively implemented in full, we had to make changes which will, in some way, our project “thought for these four years, lamented Eduardo Correia.

Still, from the programming for this quadrennium – 2018 to 2021 – the Montemuro continues “with street shows every two years, shows for children, alternative spaces, more conventional shows for more conventional spaces, Festival Altitudes and each more work with local communities and not only. ”

Immediately for the first two years, the Regional Theater of Montemuro has “about seven creations” and, assured the director, “will continue to create projects for different segments of the public, for different physical spaces and also different artistic languages,” independently of the funding that arrives.

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