Montepio accelerates Digital Strategy and transforms Customer Experience

OutSystems, a leader in the market for platforms for rapid application development, is Montepio Crédito’s partner in the digital acceleration process of the specialized credit financial institution.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]hrough the digital transformation program ‘Matrix’, the banking institution developed omnichannel solutions for direct customers and customers of its business partners. With OutSystems, the credit application and approval process was accelerated to less than 30 minutes instead of one or more days, that is, 48 ​​times faster than before and without the need for manual intervention.

Now, 90% of customers complete their order without the need for any intervention from the customer service team. In addition to being faster and more convenient for consumers, it also allows the customer service team to focus on handling other types of customer requests.

This program was created with the aim of providing customers with fast, convenient, and 100% digital ways to apply for credit agreements, with innovative digital experiences incorporated into the sales processes of their intermediaries.

In view of the growing competition from multinational banking groups, Montepio Crédito bet on differentiation, so this program was created with the aim of completely digitizing the customer’s experience, so that he can execute a credit agreement in a more practical way, with or without the involvement of an intermediary.

“Montepio Crédito felt the need to transform the customer experience, making it faster, automated and 100% digital in order to compete and grow in market share. We are confident that this bet is an asset for our customers, for our intermediaries and also for the internal team”, says Pedro Gouveia Alves, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Montepio Crédito.

At this stage, Montepio Crédito’s ‘Matrix‘ program involves two strategic platforms:, which supports its direct channel, and Creditech, which supports indirect sales channels, the latter with an expected launch date at the end of 2020.

“The digital transformation program ‘Matrix’ is a project planned for several years and OutSystems is now firmly established in Montepio Crédito’s software. The next developments include a new customer portal, which will make it easier for customers to manage their credit agreements and open new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities for other Montepio Crédito products”, says Ricardo Ribeiro, Montepio’s Chief Transformation Officer Credit.

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