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Montesinho is a typical transmontana village, located in the foothills of the Serra de Montesinho, about 1000 meters high, in the Montesinho Natural Park. Let the serenity of this village seduce you and spend a few days in one of the granite houses adapted for tourism, with slate roofs and wooden balconies, open to the mountains! Walk the cobbled and well-kept village streets and discover the Montesinho Church, the Montesinho Interpretive Nucleus and the Museum set up in a typical transmontana house, where you can learn about the geological characterization of Montesinho and the traditional ways of life of this “preserved village”.

The natural beauty of this region invites you to take long walks: take the Montesinho Walking Tour (10 kilometers) that will take you along trails and paths in the villages of Montesinho, France and Portelo. Be dazzled by the landscape of contrasts: the green of the pastures dotted with colorful flowers and the golden and reddish of the woods … You are in the Montesinho Natural Park, so don’t be surprised if you see a golden eagle or a stork black; an iberian wolf or a deer! Enjoy the famous Montesinho kid, the transmontano smokehouse and the typical sweets of the region: sweet eggs, honey cake, donuts and supplications. Also taste the wine and brandy that are produced here.

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