Montisnávia Project: An Urban Rehabilitation Project in Alcântara

An Urban Rehabilitation project in Alcântara, where a perfect harmony between the housing space and the surrounding area is intended.

Under the claim “Natural Habitat”, the Montisnávia building was designed for those who believe in the symbiosis between built space and nature. The architectural project is by António Costa Lima, who here intends the perfect framing of the project in the landscape where it is inserted.

In Lisbon, in the parish of Estrela, the Montisnávia development is located in Travessa da Horta Návia, in the Alcântara area, one of the city’s areas known for its restaurants, nightlife and pleasant walks on the Docks, along the Tagus River. It is also an area of ​​excellent road access that allows, quickly and easily, to reach the most diverse points of the city of Lisbon or reach the most important exit routes of the city, such as the entrance to Ponte 25 de April.

The project designed for the Montisnávia building is born from the junction and rehabilitation of a classified palace and an old factory. With the restoration of the facade of the old factory and the complete rehabilitation of the existing palace, it was possible to preserve the historical image of this district of the city, which came to combine a conceptual contemporaneity, allowing to establish a dialectic between the past and the present.

There are 31 fractions, from T1 to T4, and at very inviting prices (from € 260,000) that add to the existing range of price/quality options, a reference housing project and a unique offer to Portuguese and foreign investors and families. who have a preference for living in the city of Lisbon, in a prime location, at attractive prices.

The development offers apartments with gardens and private terraces, concierge, and one to two parking spaces per fraction, among other features. The terraces tear the surface of the roof, giving way to generous panoramic images of the Monsanto Forest Park, the 25 de Abril Bridge and, in part, the river, giving a feeling of calm and tranquility.

Alcântara is one of the areas in Lisbon, which is in great regeneration, with spaces for rehabilitation projects and new construction, thus giving it a huge potential of interest and appreciation, as well as the certainty that this space of The city will soon be an area of ​​enormous architectural and population renewal.

The project is expected to be completed in the first half of 2021, with RE/MAX Collection Siimgroup and Portugal Sotheby’s International Realty being marketed.

Investment and promotion is the responsibility of ADDSOLID – Real Estate Investment, which sought with this venture to offer a revitalizing milestone for this area of ​​Lisbon, a project that combines conceptual quality with the integration and rehabilitation of the urban fabric.

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