Monuments in Algarve receive more than 50 cultural activities until December

A set of 52 cultural activities until December will mark the Program for the Promotion and Valorisation of Monuments (DiVaM) of 2019, which the Regional Directorate for Culture of the Algarve presented today in Aljezur, said the regional director.

Adriana Nogueira is the regional director of Culture of the Algarve and justified with the 500th anniversary of the circumnavigation conducted by the Portuguese discoverer Fernão de Magalhães the choice of the theme ‘The Journey’ that will mark this year’s edition of the program designed to create animation and bring people to the monuments under the tutelage of the regional leadership.

“The Monuments Dynamization Program under the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve aims to bring people closer to all these monuments and get people to know them so they can feel close to the memories they bring,” said the director regional, after participating in the presentation, held in the castle of Aljezur.

Adriana Nogueira estimated at 70,000 euros the amount spent by the regional directorate in the DiVaM of 2019, but considered that the schedule is “very interesting” and the “52 activities until December allow much fewer weeks than a number of activities” to attract the public to the monuments under the tutelage of the organism.

The choice of the theme ‘The Journey’ has to do with Fernão de Magalhães’ circumnavigation. We thought that the 500 years that are celebrated this year would be a good theme because the trip also allows a lot of symbology and we can do interior trips, musical and cultural trips, “he argued.

The same source said that with this theme, it was possible to get “very curious proposals” that will animate the monuments until December and offer visitors a “varied program” consisting of “lectures, cinema, performances, exhibitions, thematic workshops, music, “he said.

The goal is not to reach a certain number of visitors with DiVaM, but to publicize the monuments to the people and thus contribute to the global numbers that annually visit the monuments of Algarve under the Regional Directorate, said Adriana Nogueira.

“DiVaM is an engine for these visits, not only because it brings animation because people go to a concert and visit a monument where they probably would not,” he added.

The same source also said that people can sometimes ask themselves, for example, “what they are going to go to the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe, but the truth is that that concert will take them there.

The same happened today with the presentation of DiVaM in the castle of Aljezur, which was full,” said the regional director, referring to a “concert of saxophones” with “a quality that would not shame anywhere in the world” and which “made people excited,” he said.

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