More than 100 cancer patients participated in the project ‘Living +’

At the end of the Month of Awareness for Malignant Blood Diseases, the Portuguese Association of Leukemias and Lymphomas (APLL) reveals that more than 100 patients participated in the activities of the “Living +: Physical and Psychoemotional Rehabilitation Programs of patients and cancer survivors.

This Saturday, September 29 at 2:30 p.m., will be the Annual Meeting of the association at the Center Pavilion of Portugal, in Coimbra, where the project will be reviewed by the association and various testimonies of people with oncological blood diseases will be presented.

Hundreds of patients who participated in this year’s program were between the ages of 25 and over and were in contact with various activities that provided them with moments of interaction and information on health and the best ways to understand and combat their disease, such as exercise programs, physical recovery, and horticulture and cooking programs. These moments were attended by patients and health professionals of different specialties, which allowed them to contact with more tools for self-management of their disease.

The president of APLL, Isabel Barbosa adds that for the association “was a very relevant result for us. We are sure that we are positively marking the lives of these patients, especially given the latest data from the Lymphoma Coalition report, which show that the more patients are actively involved and informed, the more and better the patients are. results in improving their quality of life and self-management of their disease. These people will be more successful in managing their own disease as well as their treatment, which leads to considerable improvements in the possibility of healing or improving their health condition. ”

From September onwards, new activities will be available for patients, including a visit to a biological vegetable garden, where they can identify the foods and seasonings that can benefit them most. In October, the ‘Roda de Conversa’ initiative will begin, bringing together patients and health professionals from various fields, such as psychology, pharmacy and oncology, in sessions where they will be able to talk about their illness and receive useful information to accompany it , facing it positively. In addition to this session, the association is also working on the development of webinars to provide literacy in the health of these patients and to be able to talk about the various particularities of blood cancer diseases and other areas that impact the health and quality of life of patients, such as the rights of cancer patients and the impact of malignant blood diseases.

“We take a very positive view of the Living + project. Patients were more willing to take part in the activities than we expected. We are grateful to the professionals and volunteers dedicated to providing these good experiences to the patients who are looking for us, which highlights the importance of the role of patient associations. ”

A guide for cancer patients will be available by the end of the year, with essential information to help them on a day-to-day basis and any questions they may have. The Viver + project received in 2018 a monetary award from the biopharmaceutical Celgene, integrated in Change Makers, the international social responsibility program of the company that aims to recognize initiatives focused on people with cancer disease and, thus, made possible the continuity of the activities developed and will have the end of the year.

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