More than 2,400 artists enrolled in Portugal #EntraEmCena platform

The platform went online on March 30, to be able to announce the project and accept registrations from both artists and investors, and the marketplace is 100% operational since yesterday.

On the website, it is known that companies and entities such as Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Ageas Portugal group, the EDP Foundation, the Centro Cultural de Belém, the National Theaters D. Maria II and São João have “entered the scene” , Sagres, Renova, Fidelidade, Galp and Viúva Lamego, among many others.

Until Monday, more than 2,400 artists from the most diverse areas were registered on the platform.

In addition, 30 companies and institutions are supporting this initiative and have already committed to launch challenges to invest in artists.

Between the day when Portugal #EntraEmCena went online and the day when the marketplace was “100% operational”, Outsystems was “developing the platform to ensure that both partner companies and artists were able to submit challenges , as well as artists could apply for them “.

Portugal #EntraEmCena, according to information available on its official website, is “a national movement, materialized on a digital platform, where artists can launch ideas and collect investment for their design and development phase, and where companies and entities, public and private, can launch challenges and receive artistic proposals, choosing the ones they intend to pay now “.

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