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More than 40% of Timorese are social network users

More than 560,000 East Timorese, or 42% of the population, are active users of social networks, with a large chunk connecting to one of the country’s three mobile networks, according to data released by a company in the sector.

The data, related to January, were compiled from various sources by the company Timor Social, which works on the development of communication strategies in social networks.

According to the latest statistics, Timor’s 1.34 million people currently have 1.5 million lines in the mobile network: many often have more than one phone with different operators.

The mobile phone is the main method of accessing both the Internet and social networks, with 560 thousand internet users and an equal number of active users of social networks, especially Facebook, which is dominant.

The number of users of social networks through the mobile phone is 490 thousand.

Platforms like Facebook have become essential for communication in Timor-Leste, is the main space of information dissemination and political debate.

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