More than 5 thousand young people enrolled in the European Solidarity Corps

More than 5,000 young people of Portuguese nationality registered in the European Solidarity Corps, a program launched by the European Union and aimed at young people between the ages of 17 and 30, was released today.

According to the Erasmus + Youth in Action Agency, under the “European Solidarity Corps“, young people can carry out volunteering projects, at home or abroad, for the benefit of people and communities across Europe.

The data are released on the occasion of the International Solidarity Day, which is being marked today.

The European platform that manages this program received a total of 5,232 registrations of young people of Portuguese nationality, a number that places Portugal in the top 5 European of the nationalities with more inscriptions.

According to the Erasmus Agency, Portuguese young people are among the most contacted to integrate projects related to several areas, namely environmental protection, education, reception and integration of refugees or with the prevention, preparation and recovery in case of natural disasters.

Young people can apply from the age of 17, but can only participate in a project after turning 18.

Projects supported by the European Solidarity Corps can last between two and twelve months, usually as a result of countries in the European Union.

In a statement, the Erasmus Agency also explains that as a result of the first round of approved projects – 2018 – almost 1.5 million euros will be invested in projects of the “European Solidarity Corps“, led by Portuguese organizations.

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