More than 50 countries are committed to protecting 30% of land and oceans

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The High Ambition Coalition (HAC) for Nature and People, a coalition of more than 50 countries on six continents, has pledged to protect almost a third of the planet by 2030 to stop the destruction of the natural world and the extinction of wildlife.

At the “One Planet” summit in Paris this Monday, organized by French President Emmanuel Macron, the coalition pledged to protect at least 30% of the planet’s land and oceans.

Human activities are leading to the sixth mass extinction of life on Earth, according to scientists, and agricultural production, mining, and pollution are threatening the healthy functioning of life-sustaining ecosystems, crucial to human civilization.

In the announcement, according to The Guardian, the High Ambition Coalition said that protecting at least 30% of the planet for nature by the end of the decade was crucial to preventing the mass extinction of plants and animals, as well as ensuring natural air production and clean water.

The compromise is likely to be the main objective of the Paris Agreement for Nature to be negotiated at Cop15 in Kunming, China, later this year.

HAC hopes that the first commitments from countries like Colombia, Costa Rica, Nigeria, Pakistan, Japan and Canada would guarantee the basis of the United Nations (UN) agreement.

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