More than 500 Portuguese have opted for surprise trips at FlyKube

FlyKube, a surprise travel company that entered Portugal in March of this year, has already registered more than 500 Portuguese passengers on surprise travel in only three months of activity, showing a 220% increase in sales. Women are the ones who buy more (60%) and overall the users who buy are between 18 and 35 years old.

It is possible to book surprise trips from Lisbon, Porto and Faro airports, but it is the airport of the capital that leads in the trips of FlyKube (70%), with the surprise packages most requested by the Portuguese ‘Destino Surpresa’ (65%). , with values ​​ranging from 179 euros, which allows the user to travel for three or four days to a surprise destination among 20 possibilities, where you can find cities like Paris, London, Rome, Barcelona, ​​Milan, among other destinations in Europe; and ‘Summer Surprise’, with values ​​ranging from 199 euros, to visit beach destinations. This last package offers trips of three to ten days, with return flights, and hotels less than ten minutes from the beach in destinations such as Santorini, Mykonos, Sardinia, among others. The destination is revealed two days before the date of travel.

Sergi Vila, co-founder, and CEO of FlyKube states that “the Portuguese have adhered very well to our concept of surprise travel, the results of the company in the country have been surprising and exceeded our expectations. We believe this concept is a trend that will grow and by the end of the year, we expect to reach 5000 passengers in Portugal. ”

The company created in Barcelona in 2017 to revolutionize the travel world, already has more than 20,000 passengers globally.

In Portugal, the platform has several surprise packages starting at 129 euros. You can discard some destinations where you do not want to travel, restrict flight schedules and opt for better quality accommodation. These factors will influence the total value of the reservation, being possible to consult on the platform which days it is cheaper to travel to the selected experience. The new surprise travel platform aims to save the user’s work and adds suspense and the desire to find out where to travel.


At this moment, FlyKube is available in Spain, France, Italy and now also in Portugal.

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