More than 70% of Portuguese youth walk ‘eye’ in the famous

There is also an increase in people who follow Youtubers, VBloggers and Social media personalities.

Social networks are nowadays one of the platforms through which celebrities keep in touch with their fans and even manage to boost their careers. It is through them that they take care of their daily routine, even if they are away from the screens or the stage. No wonder why whoever knows them wants to be ‘eye’ and know everything they are doing.

This is the conclusion of Marktest Consulting’s study ‘The Portuguese and Social Networks 2018’, which shows that 71% of young people between the ages of 15 and 24 follow public figures on social networks.

In the total of respondents of this study, 47.8% of the Portuguese with profiles in social networks admitted following one or more famous in these platforms. This value rises among young people.

Respondents also revealed some of the personalities they are fans of on social networks, with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo (28%), Cristina Ferreira (10.2%) and Rita Pereira (7.9%).

Another interesting fact is the increase in the number of people following Youtubers, VBloggers and Social media personalities.

Marktest also says that although the social network most mentioned by respondents was Facebok, it is the Instagram that has grown the most in respect to people who follow famous.

The study ‘The Portuguese and Social Networks 2018’ study part of the study was based on a quantification of 5 million and 9 thousand users of social networks, resident in the Continent aged between 15 and 64 years, given by the Bareme Internet study of Marktest

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