More than four million people traveled in the Lisbon metro during the Web Summit:

More than 4.6 million people traveled in the Metropolitan area of ​​Lisbon during the days when the Portuguese capital hosted the summit of technology and innovation Web Summit, between November 05 and 08, the company said today.

“Metropolitano de Lisboa, as part of the partnership with the organization of the 2018 Web Summit event, reinforced its offer throughout the metro network, on the days of the event, carrying a total of 4,603,000 passengers,” said the statement sent to journalists.
The metro in Lisbon points out that this year saw “an increase in demand compared to last year” and that the number of passengers transported represents “an increase of 3.61% compared to the movement of the Web Summit 2017, which registered a total of 4,472,000 passengers transported “.

According to the Metropolitan, the Oriente station, which directly serves the space where the conference took place – Altice Arena and Lisbon International Fair (FIL) – registered a “movement of 279,988 passengers” on the days of the event, which represents “an increase of 0.43% compared to 2017 and 48% over a normal week.”

The Lisbon metro also recalls that “it has launched a new feature that was available to the participants of the Web Summit, the Voucher Viva, acquired online, through a platform accessed anywhere in the world.”

“This new modality has been tested in the Web Summit, being the intention of the Metropolitan of Lisbon to generalize it in future to all the clients”, it is pointed out.

This year’s edition of the Web Summit, the third in Lisbon, brought together 69,304 participants from 159 countries, more than 1,200 speakers, more than 1,500 investors and 2,600 journalists.

The technological, innovation and entrepreneurship summit Web Summit was born in 2010 in Ireland and moved to Portugal in 2016 and since then has generated an economic impact of more than 500 million euros.

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