Morphoz is the new SUV from Renault

It is an intelligent, modular vehicle that creates new limits. The Renault Morphoz was tailor made, adapts to all uses and will amaze its users due to its level 3 autonomous driving.

This new concept car, modular crossover and 100% electric from the French brand is rechargeable by induction, even in progress. Always connected, it has level 3 autonomous driving functions and specific sharing functions. Morphoz’s modularity is expressed through the physical transformation that takes place between its two versions: the short version ‘City’ and the long version ‘Travel’. The vehicle is able to adapt to the different moments of life of its users, between everyday use and holiday journeys, for example. For this, the City version incorporates a battery capacity that corresponds exactly to the needs of everyday life, while the Travel version is prepared to receive an additional capacity that allows you to travel long distances.

In the City short version, Morphoz is 4.40 meters long. The wheelbase of 2.73 meters allows you to receive, without problem, the 40 kWh of batteries that you initially have. In this configuration, Morphoz displays a specific light signature highlighted by supplementary LED segments. Its style is also more accentuated, with a short hood that symbolizes the agility of an electric motorized city vehicle.

In the long version, the Renault Morphoz is 4.80 meters long. The wheelbase progresses in the same proportions to 2.93 meters and, thus, the transformation favors, simultaneously, the capacity of incorporating batteries and the interior space. This unprecedented technology makes it possible to integrate another 50 kWh of batteries (totaling a capacity of 90 kWh) and offer more space for passengers’ legs and luggage. Thus, the vehicle has all the arguments to face long distances, with a transformation, which allows it to optimize aerodynamics, thanks to a tapered profile and front. The Travel version benefits from a specific front identity.

The capacity of the nominal battery of 40 kWh, of the City version, of the Renault MORPHOZ, provides you with a range of 400 km, which is sufficient for day-to-day uses and which allows you to respond to more than 90% of needs users. For the remaining 10%, which represent the longest distances, MORPHOZ can be equipped with an additional battery pack, according to the ‘Travel Extender’ principle. In a dedicated station, the vehicle becomes the Travel version, at the same time, that a cover located on the flat bottom fairing opens above the station cover. 50 kWh of batteries are installed on board the vehicle. In a few seconds, Morphoz leaves the station with a range of 700 km if the motorway is used.

Upon returning, the user again passes through a station to ‘return’ the supplementary batteries and return to the initial capacity of 40 kWh, as well as to the vehicle’s City configuration. The station then charges the batteries so they are ready for use. You can also give them a different use, as long as they are not installed in another vehicle: powering a charging station, storing electricity, or lighting a nearby infrastructure or building, for example.

Equipped with digital rear-view mirrors, ‘flaps’ – like airplanes – the Morphoz has a futuristic steering wheel, in the center of which a 10.2-inch screen that displays the main driving and safety information, a driver’s seat tipper and sliding rear seats.

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