Moving People, Artist in the City

Date: 20-23 September
Place: Pimenta Palece’s Garden

2018 is the year of Artist in the City, a project that seeks to present existing works, but above all to energize collaborations between artists and local organizations and the invited artist. This year the Artist in the City is Christiane Jatahy, who brings to Lisbon on Moving People Street a project on refugees and migrants. Christiane Jatahy is a Brazilian author, director and director. His work lives on a border between the theater and the cinema, between the great narratives and the episodes of daily life, between theatrical space and the public space.

Inside a container a documentary is filmed, assembled live and designed for the public the very instant it is made. A documentary about the meeting between people who arrive and those who are, about memories, ideas and utopias. A lively dialogue about today, stimulated by Christiane Jatahy’s questions.

Moving People is a project about the meeting. A space to talk about memory, utopias and the future. The meeting takes place between people who have moved around the world, migrants, refugees who have set off in search of a new home. Besides the immigrants, a local actor also participates in the show. It adds up the memory of those who come from outside and the memory of who is from the city.
The audience sits on both sides of the container and watches the movie. At a certain point, the boundaries between who watches and who account disappears. The meeting is complete: from the audience with the guests, from the performance to the cinema.

Design and Direction: Christiane Jatahy; Scenery and Lighting: Thomas Walgrave; Technical collaboration in the development of the scenario: Marcelo Lipiani; Video Technician: Julio Parente; Camera: Paulo Camacho; Production Management: Henrique Mariano

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