Mozambican government assembles sirens for flood warning

The National Institute for Disaster Management of Mozambique (INGC) has installed a flood warning sound system with the capacity to reach about 50,000 people at risk of flooding in the southern province of Gaza.

The new electronic siren system could change the course of the history of this population,” said INGC director Augusta Maíta, quoted by the daily O País.

The warning system was installed in the lower Limpopo River, a region inhabited and prone to flooding.

Part of the nine sirens are already set up in the provincial capital of Gaza, Xai-Xai, and in the Chibuto district, and the remaining ones will be placed in the Chókwè district.

The system cost 23 million meticais (326 thousand euros) and is seven kilometres wide.

The acquisition of the material was aided by the Danish Development Agency.

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