Mozambique has first time an ambassador accredited in Turkey

Mozambique has for the first time an ambassador to represent the country in Turkey, the Government announced today, referring that the measure is a sign of approximation between the two countries.

Ambassador César Francisco de Gouveia Júnior presented credential letters to the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on Tuesday and the diplomat takes up residence in Rome.

The ceremony served for the Mozambican ambassador to express a desire to reinforce cooperation between the two countries, at the same time that the Turkish President expressed his desire to continue to leverage Mozambique-Turkey cooperation.

Erdogan particularly chose the domains of infrastructure construction, pharmaceutical industry, textile industry, agriculture and agroindustry, in addition to the availability of the Turkish business community to increase their investments in Mozambique.

The head of state also renewed the invitation for Mozambique to participate in the forum for diversified cooperation between Turkey and African countries to be held in Istanbul on 20 April.

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