Mozambique used BDS 105 million for agriculture projects

In the last decade, the Mozambican government has channelled the equivalent of about 105 million euros from the African Development Bank (AfDB) to agriculture and rural development projects announced today by a financial institution.

The actions “benefit 240,000 people and result in increased production, land benefits and new economic opportunities,” refer to the ADB in a statement.

The ADB points to the Sustainable Land and Water Resources Management Project (SLWMP) in the Massangena district of southern Gaza province.

The project focuses on building hydraulic infrastructures to regulate and drain water and control flooding.

There are new crops, like rice, once unthinkable in semi-arid areas,” concludes the ADB.

For this and next year, the Bank estimates an expansion of Mozambique’s GDP by 3.5% and 5%, “driven by agriculture, which continues to recover from the drought of 2015-2016, and the extractive industries, with exports of coal. ” to continue to expand.

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