Mr. Gallini and Tape Junk at Música da Casa

Here are the first confirmations for Música da Casa, the music lovers club that organized in this Quarantine to promote paid concerts. During this phase, the concerts will have to be via streaming.

To be able to attend all the concerts of Música da Casa, they can become members through, with a monthly fee from 5 €.

After the confirmation of Fast Eddie Nelson, it’s time to announce two more acts, Mr. Gallini and Tape Junk..

Mr. Gallini

Anyone who passes through Alcobaça does not pass without returning … Unless one is already there, and it is known that in addition to worshiping the art of conventual sweets, the veneration for another less ancient art also endures. rock n ‘roll. It would have been more or less like this with Mr. Gallini, born in Pisão, and whom his parents named Bruno Monteiro.

And that started in this rock life as a drummer for other brothers from the same region, the Stone Dead, with whom he has toured stages all over Portugal abroad.

Without forgetting the mother house but also looking to find his own space as a solo artist, Gallini has already released “Lovely Demos”, his debut album, in 2018, and now presents his successor – which is also the second I take a previously announced trilogy. “The Organist” shows Gallini’s more pop side, following an always rock method (choruses, youth, electricity …), but leaving room for other more electronic tools (keyboards, theremins and vocoders …) to also breathe , in an album that drinks both brit-pop from the 90s and space was from the 50s, but it sounds lively and current, without falling into the swampy terrain of mere nostalgia.

The charm of “The Organist” also includes this idea of ​​timelessness. It is a record of the present, reminiscent of a past where everything sounded like the future and fueled imaginations: flying cars, robots, lunar colonies, teleportation. It therefore makes perfect sense that the first single in this new adventure by Mr. Gallini is precisely ‘The Future’.

A future that feeds not only the flame that persists within each one of us, the same that makes us create dreams and projects to escape ephemerality, but also that of the musician who paints him, revealing both the sound evolution he had throughout last year, as well as what we can expect from him when this trilogy meets its last chapter. Gallini is the man of tomorrow. And why should we fear tomorrow?

Tape Junk

Tape Junk is the most recent project by multi-instrumentalist musician João Correia, also known as the drummer of several Portuguese artists. Using simple yet intense language, he writes about everyday situations with which we can easily identify: common stories, unusual situations, cartoon episodes or simple romances.

“The Good & The Mean”, released in 2013, marks Tape Junk’s first record work and also the formation of a band for the tour to support the album composed by António Vasconcelos Dias (drums), Nuno Lucas (bass), Frankie Chavez (guitars) and João Correia (voice and guitar).

In 2015 the group of musicians got together to record the homonymous album which results in a set of songs recorded live on tape in the attic of producer Benjamim, in Alvito. “Tape Junk” arrives with a more raw and direct sound inspired by the sound and attitude of the band in concert. Musician and producer Benjamim also joins the live shows as a keyboardist.

After a period of pause, in March 2019, João Correia edits “Couch Pop”, the third long length of Tape Junk. A set of 9 songs written, recorded, produced and mixed without haste in solitary and homerecorded mode.

Since the release of their first album, the band has performed from north to south of the country in numerous venues, with an emphasis on Paredes de Coura, Vilar de Mouros, Bons Sons, Vodafone Mexefest, among others.


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