MUMI 2021 brought together more than 120 professionals

Three days, seventeen showcases, five round tables and more than a hundred speedmeetings for an event in which more than 120 professionals signed up

The Eurocity Tui-Valença brought together a good part of companies and professionals from Portugal and Galicia during the three days in which MUMI 2021 was developed. From 9 to 11 September, the Professional Music Meeting in Minho brought together more than 120 registered professionals who participated in round tables and meetings that addressed the possibilities of collaboration, artistic professionalization and the internationalization of projects.

The organization of MUMI 2021 makes a very positive assessment of this first Portuguese-Galician trade fair, which responds to the need to create a meeting space between the sector on both sides of the Minho.

The registered people actively participated in the speedmeetings that developed in the professional area, meetings as fast as they are intense that put musicians in contact with programmers and managers, professionals from different geographic locations or companies with new talents.

These types of meetings form the identity of MUMI 2021 whose main objective is to establish a new scenario for this type of interrelationship and exchanges. The registered professionals had the opportunity to attend round tables that gathered the sector’s uncertainties, many of them aggravated by the pandemic context.

The rights of artists, the current situation of concert halls closed for a year and a half and their fundamental role in artistic promotion, associativism as a strategy, the role of cultural sponsorship and the relationship of festivals with the territory were the themes of the lectures which took place on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th of September.

Among the bands that starred in the showcases aimed exclusively at professionals were the Portuguese José Valente, Jorge da Rocha and Emmy Curl, and the Galician Oîma, Pálida and Xacobe Martínez Antelo Quinteto.

In addition to all the programming aimed at the professional public, the organization of MUMI 2021 had clear from the outset the necessary public projection of the event with the inclusion of activities and concerts for citizenship in general.

Familia Caamagno, Magín Blanco and A banda das esperas, O Sonoro Maxín, Pulpiño Viascón, Silvia Penide, Barry White Gone Wrong, Cassette Pirata, Conjunto!Evite, KÁUSTIKA, TAKATUM and The Guit Kune Do were the bands that performed in venues such as the Municipal Theater and the streets of Tui.

The death of former Portuguese president Jorge Sampaio and the declaration of official mourning in Portugal caused the open activity planned for Valença to move to Tui on Saturday 11 September.

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