MUMI selects 12 artists from Galicia and Portugal for its program of showcases

The selection committee, formed by professionals from the different Galician and Portuguese companies that are part of MUMI, set the choice among the 185 musical proposals received from Galicia and Portugal, following criteria of quality and diversity, with the aim of giving space to projects of both territories and covering a wide range of musical styles.

This selection of showcases has to involve the street animation of the Organeta project, and two more showcases that will be announced soon and that will be integrated within the OFF section for the program of electronic music concerts at the end of the night in places in Verín.

Less than 20 days before the first professional music meeting between Galicia and Portugal begins, the MUMI organization advances the first selection of showcases that will take place in different spaces in the locality of Verín on March 12, 13 and 14.

There will be a total of 12 concerts plus street entertainment, including some open to the general public. The selection of proposals is an example of the diversity of styles and musical formats of the two territories, in a program that mixes new values ​​and figures enshrined in multidisciplinary shows for the family and adult audiences.

In the week before the meeting, it is planned to announce the complete program that will also include an opening concert, professional activities and two other showcases within the OFF section with electronic music in places in Verín at the end of the night.

The professional program will include meetings and lectures with festivals, rooms, public programmers, and companies that sponsor music; speed meetings (quick meetings) between professionals in the sector, and the showcases themselves with a selection of artists and bands from Galicia and Portugal, at a sector fair with the presence of companies from different areas of the sector. The Camiño and the feat of Xacobeo 2021 will be treated specifically in this section as great generators of opportunities for the sector, taking advantage of its cultural heritage and the natural spaces it offers.


Barry White Gone Wrong (EN)
His music is a perfect blend of glamorous, sexy and full of attitude, where Peter de Cuype’s deep and iconic voice is not lacking. Considered one of the leading rock and roll, blues and soul bands in Portugal, well received by the specialized press and the Portuguese public.

Bed Legs (EN)
Intense rock brushed with rhythm and blues and pure energy. For Bed Legs, there is no middle ground. They are always at the edge of the razor and do not hesitate to jump into a melancholy cliff, if necessary.

Pirate Cassette (EN)
This pop band, formed by João Firmino, Margarida Campelo, Joana Espadinha, António Quintino and João Pinheiro, arrives with music that arouses different emotions and sensations. From introspection and nostalgia to looking for answers to humanity’s doubts.

Luca Algiers (PT)
In a simple and intimate format, Luca Argel involves the viewer in sung stories, ranging from tenderness to love. Vocalist and composer of several musical groups, his samba seduces through sweetness and simplicity, eventually absorbing and transforming everyday life.

Magín Blanco and Banda das Apertas (GZ)
Magín Blanco is one of the great references of Galician music for all audiences, thanks to international hymns that mix pop, rock, reggae or bossa nova melodies with stories that speak of aspiring to a better world, and images that bring us closer to new languages.

O Sonoro Maxín (GZ)
Martín Códax Music Award 2017, this band to reunite old friends of Galician music. After more than 150 concerts across the country, they arrive with the show De navallas e cumbias, a round trip to share the moments and places where they were born, grew up and loved.

The D’Abaixo
Integrated by greats of Galician music, coming from Berrogüetto and Fía na Roca, they like to investigate the tradition and offer more careful works. After touring some of the most popular folk festivals in Europe, they present a new repertoire, advancing what will be their next album.

Silvia Penide (GZ)
Songwriter, guitarist and performer, when she takes the stage Silvia has a direct and instant complicity with the audience. Winner of the Martín Códax Music Prize 2016, she shared the space and moments with artists such as Amancio Prada, Uxía, Guadi Galego, Mäbu or Mercedes Peón.

Xacobe Martínez Antelo Trío (GZ)
Excellent musician and a double bass player in this formation with Xosé Miguélez and Max Gómez. It presents a deep and mature work, totally anchored in the present with bebop, hardbop or funk rhythms. He was a finalist in the V and VI Martín Códax Awards in the category of Best Jazz and Improvised Music project.
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Ezetaerre (GZ)
Garchu, Pirola and Petrowski created with Ezetaerre a fighting rap in Galician that, in a short time has already become one of the revelation bands in Galicia. His music is a tool to change reality, always under the same will: dignity, solidarity and humility.

Caamagno Family (GZ)
The five “infraseres” are energetic – as they consider themselves – the Familia Caamagno brings together pop melodies, frantic rhythms and with the sole purpose of making you dance. That yes, keeping this rock and roll inspired and with refreshing air.

Oîma (GZ)
Antía, Olalla and Martiño created traditional music of their own composition, which links Galician rhythms with those from other latitudes, from chapeloise to rachenitsa. They define their first record work Ala! like a trip in time and space in which the maps and the calendar are part of the music.


The Organeta (GZ)
The magic saw of Pulpiño Viascón and a lovely puppet bird will be present in an unforgettable show that will fill the streets of Verín with the music of A Organeta. A mechanical musical instrument of English origin from Galician adoption that even reads music books, working by a hand crank!

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