Mundo Segundo presents ‘Conto Bafient’ new single featuring Bezegol

Mundo Segundo returns to singles with ‘Conto Bafiento’ now available on platforms.

‘Conto Bafiento’ is the first advance and features the torn and unique voice of the Porto artist Bezegol and also features an international production by Vinz Vega, a theme about the incessant struggle for justice and equality in the social pyramid in search of days best, a cry of revolt at the maturity and wisdom that both artists carry in their already long and lasting musical career. Yet another encounter between two national Hip Hop giants could only result in something as unique and iconic as one would expect.

This theme serves as an appetizer for an album that promises a mix between the classic and the avant-garde of the musical style in question. The music video was directed by Kereimula and mixing and mastering were in charge of Pedro Baptista.

We remind you that the last edition of Mundo Segundo is from 2017 when the EP ‘Sempre Grato‘ was released in physical format.

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