Municipality of Bragança supported companies in 864 thousand euros

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The Municipality of Bragança, through the three notices issued under the Municipal Emergency Fund for Business Support (May and November 2020, March 2021), created within the scope of the pandemic COVID-19, supported 600 micro and small companies, with headquarters/domicile tax in the Municipality of Bragança, covering 771 jobs, with a non-refundable allocation of 863,884 euros.

In total, 1,030 applications were received and analyzed, of which 938 were considered approved and 92 were excluded, as they did not meet one or more eligibility criteria. It should be noted that the Municipality’s average payment period was 11 days, from the submission of the application to the receipt of financial support.

In the third notice (launched on March 8, 2021), 403 applications were received and 376 companies were supported, with a global amount of 389,900 euros.

This Fund allowed to support the retail trade sector (183,436 euros), taxi drivers (20,500 euros), accommodation units (43,964 euros), restaurants and similar (359,728 euros) and companies providing various services (256,252 euros), whose businesses were particularly affected by the pandemic.

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