Municipality of São Brás de Alportel raises awareness of Biodiversity preservation

On World Environment Day, June 5, the Municipality of São Brás de Alportel promoted several awareness-raising initiatives on the importance of preserving and protecting the environment and the planet.

In the Parque das Amendoeiras, in an adapted and symbolic way, the municipal strategy for the preservation of biodiversity was presented, being an example of the same the installation of awareness boards for areas where vegetation is being maintained that facilitates the work of bees, in the pollination.

To help bees carry out pollination, an essential task for healthy biodiversity, the Municipality has been allowing weeds that are plants for biodiversity to grow in gardens and parks, dividers and roadsides, flowerbeds, walls, and sidewalks in the village.

The objective of maintaining spontaneous vegetation, favorable to pollination, is to create a favorable environment and resources (pollen, nectar, and essential oils) for pollinating insects, namely bees.

With this measure, the Municipality intends to contribute to address the worldwide problem of bee population decline. Butterflies and beetles are also wild pollinators that help most flowering plants to bear fruit, and are therefore fundamental elements for agriculture and biodiversity. Once dry, the Municipality will proceed to cut this spontaneous vegetation.

Simultaneously, the Municipality has been placing nests in various green spaces, schools, and other equipment, in order to fix different species of birds, fundamental for the preservation of biodiversity, the result of a generous offer from a Serra do Caldeirão project.

As a space of excellence for interpretation and environmental education, Quinta do Peral also promoted, during the morning of June 5th, a set of activities to raise awareness among younger people about the importance of protecting the environment and the sustainability of the planet. Also in this space, an insect hotel can be visited, with different niches and materials available to house different species of insects.

The planting of species beneficial to pollinators is still being considered.

Actions aimed at ensuring the harmonious coexistence between humans and nature, which is essential for the quality of life of all inhabitants of the planet and which is also a source of inspiration in the most varied areas, from science to the arts.

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