Municipality of Guarda pays homage to Frei Pedro

Today, the 27th of July, the Municipality of Guarda pays homage to Frei Pedro da Guarda through a series of initiatives starting at 6 pm, including the Ceremony for the Laying of the First Stone of the Requalification Works at ‘Largo Frei Pedro da Guarda’ and, with the collaboration of the Diocese of Guarda, the Thanksgiving Eucharist for the Life and Work of Friar Pedro da Guarda, in the Cathedral, where the request for canonization of this religious born in Guarda in the 15th century will be validated.

About Frei Pedro da Guarda: Born in 1435 in the highest city, son of João Luís, weaver, and Ângela Gonçalves. Franciscan at the age of 25, he dedicated himself to the rescue of travelers lost in the snow of the mountains, always accompanying his dog Serra da Estrela, giving him the responsibility of saving hundreds of lives. He also assisted the sick, having founded the first hospital in Guarda for this purpose. His reputation for sanctity and notoriety, in contrast to his profound humility, led him at the age of 50 to welcome himself to the Convent of S. Bernardino, on the island of Madeira, then almost depopulated, where he died at the age of 70, entitled of Servant of God.

It should be remembered that the Câmara da Guarda was responsible for the last process of canonization of Frei Pedro da Guarda, in the 19th century, it also opted for the Day of Frei Pedro da Guarda, July 27, as Municipal Holiday, at the time of the institution of Municipal Holidays in October 1910. Higher authorities have passed over the Day of Frei Pedro da Guarda, in favor of the current holiday. In 2021, the municipality of Guarda relaunches the Cause of Canonization of Frei Pedro da Guarda, enshrining the 27th of July as ‘Day of Frei Pedro da Guarda.

More info and full program here.

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