Município de Bragança apoia 167 alunos no ensino à distância

The Municipality of Bragança, similarly to what happened in 2020, provided computers to 167 students in the 1st Cycle of Basic Education of Public Schools in the Municipality, positioned in step 1 of the family allowance, so that they can attend classes at a distance.

This measure, which aims to provide equal opportunities in access to education for students who do not have their own means, results from the loan of 61 pieces of equipment (acquired by the Municipality of Bragança over the last few years) that were allocated to School Groups, as well as the acquisition of 68 computers and 152 4G Routers for broadband connectivity, in 2020, when the first suspension of face-to-face education due to the pandemic. A cost of 30,862 euros borne by the Municipality of Bragança.

This year, with the “renovation” of the distance learning modality, in addition to giving away 68 portable equipment and 152 Routers, the Municipality of Bragança also invested more than 5,500 euros in reactivating Mobile Internet services on 4G Router cards for broadband connectivity for a predictable period of three months.

Also in 2020, the Municipality of Bragança proceeded to acquire Technological Resources to Support the Promotion of Reading and Writing – Mobile reading laboratories for students at Miguel Torga Basic and Secondary School and Izeda Basic School, which represented a cost of 16,063 euros, and which allows 38 more students, who do not have personal equipment to attend synchronous classes, to “attend” distance learning.

This is an action that emerged within the scope of the “Pilot Project – Preventing to Improve Bragança”, integrated into the Integrated and Innovative Plan to Combat School Failure of the Intermunicipal Community of Terras de Trás-os-Montes (CIM-TTM), in order to complement the equipment acquired within the scope of the supra-municipal projects and made available to groupings of schools in the municipality by CIM-TTM.

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