Municipality of Bragança awards scholarships

Municipality of Bragança awards 20 more Scholarships to Higher Education Students

Last Friday, the Municipality of Bragança signed another twenty contracts for the award of Scholarships to Higher Education Students. This is the second phase of granting this municipal support, which, for the academic year 2020/2021, has awarded a total of 36 scholarships, out of the 50 proposals proposed, for a global amount of 24,750 euros.

The Municipality seeks, through this support, to promote the development of equal opportunities, minimizing socioeconomic differences and making it possible for students in need to continue their studies at higher level. Something that, given the situation of crisis (and not just economic) that the pandemic caused, gains even more significance”, says Hernâni Dias, Mayor of Bragança, who underlines “the importance of this support with families who, on the day every day, they fight and do so for the future and for the education of their children”.

Given that the granting of this municipal support depends directly on the results of the DGES (General Directorate for Higher Education) scholarships, the Municipality, in order to guarantee maximum speed in the process, proceeded to grant this support in a phased manner. Thus, and after the results of the DGES are known, this second phase of granting of scholarships included a total of twenty new contracts, in an investment of 12,600 euros, according to what was decided in the Chamber Meeting of 25 January.

It is recalled that the grants for the first phase were awarded on 23 December 2020, for a total of 16 contracts and a value of 12,150.00 euros. Thus, in a general plan, 50 applications were received, of which 36 scholarships were decided and 24,750.00 euros invested (related to the current academic year).

It should also be noted that, in the last 5 academic years, the Municipality of Bragança has allocated an accumulated value of € 118,020.00, with 190 scholarships being granted to students from Bragança who attend higher education, either in this city or in other institutions higher education in the country.



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