Municipality of Bragança invests in improving sports infrastructures

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Investment from the Municipality of Bragança, over 160 thousand euros, aims at the modernization and improvement of sports infrastructures at a time that precedes the non-active return of clubs and associations, as well as users looking for these spaces for the practice of different modalities.

“We decided to proceed with these interventions, with a view to ensuring the best conditions for exercising the dozens of modalities practiced in municipal equipment, with maximum security”, said Hernâni Dias, Mayor of Bragança, anticipating that, “when sport can return in full, you will find, in Bragança, renewed equipment that meets all safety requirements

Thus, the Municipality of Bragança invested 161,851.83 euros in improving the conditions of the following equipment:

  • Municipal Stadium Eng. José Luís Pinheiro and Soccer Field of the Special Education Center (CEE)
  • Maintenance of natural and synthetic turf mats, with the acquisition of a tractor and several implements adapted to the lawns;
  • Renovation of the central bench of the Municipal Stadium, with the installation of 750 new seats;
  • Acquisition of four new 7-a-side football goals, aimed at training levels, at Campo do CEE;

Arnaldo Pereira Municipal Pavilion

  • Rectification of the lighting of the Pavilion’s benches;
  • Replacement of sports wear equipment (such as the boards of the Roller Hockey tables, for example);
  • Replacement of sound equipment;
  • Repair of cracks and improvement of insulation;
  • Acquisition of floor protection screens;

Municipal Swimming Pool of Bragança

  • Renovation of the video surveillance system (includes the existing one at the Arnaldo Pereira Municipal Pavilion);
  • Repair of areas of natural oxidation in the areas attached to the swimming pool tanks;
  • Painting and tile repair work;
  • Renovation of the podium and pool separators;
  • Replacement of equipment, such as the fan motor and the circulating pump;
  • Repair and replacement of pipes;
  • Maintenance of mechanical and energy systems;

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