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Municipality of Ponte da Barca organizes Wine Market

  • On June 28 and 29, producers from all over the country gather in a unique show
  • The participation of the Confraria de Vinhos Verdes, for the first time this year

On June 28 and 29, in Praça da República, the Municipality of Ponte da Barca will organize the ‘Wine Market’, where the best of this region is praised, since it has producers from all over the country, having the honour of having this year the participation of the Confraria de Vinhos Verdes, for the first time in the village of Alto Minho.

The program will be filled with music and animation; wine cocktails, where unforgettable flavours and creations are combined; a show-cooking, filled with tradition with a touch of innovation, with unique and exquisite dishes; and commented tastings, which tell captivating stories.

On Friday, the 28th, at 18h, the market opens, with the presence of Mr. Mayor of Ponte da Barca, Augusto Marinho, and the certificates of participation are presented, receiving the producers at 6:30 pm. The animation follows a night out, with two musical moments: the first, in charge of Bianca Barros, at 22h; and the second, by the band Forever 80’s, at 23h.

On Saturday, the 29th, the market opens at 3 pm. At 4:30 pm, bartender Rui Mendes will bring a demonstration of wine cocktails, where he combines unique flavours and creations, resulting from his experience of more than 10 years in the bartending art, nationally and internationally awarded. At 6:30 pm, Chef Marco Freitas brings a show-cooking that combines tradition and innovation, resulting from his vast national and international experience and chef’s inspiration in fusion cuisine and the art of applying various gastronomic experiences. Then, at 19:30, sommelier Diana Peixoto, responsible for the drinks at the Pepe Vieira spaces, awarded with two Michelin stars, brings us commented wine tastings, where she tells the stories behind each wine, captivating the attention of listeners and getting to their striking harmonizations.

Augusto Marinho, Mayor of Ponte da Barca, says “It is with great pride that the municipality organizes another edition of the Wine Market, which receives more and more producers from all over the country, It gains dimension year after year and enhances what is best done in the region and the country. He is having, this year, the privilege of receiving the Confraternity of Vinho Verde”. He adds that “This event allows us to bring innovative experiences, challenge palates and enliven and enrich culturally the Barquense people, with bartenders, chefs, sommeliers and musicians of excellence, who give us the honour of this visit”.

The Wine Market is an initiative of the Municipality of Ponte da Barca, which praises wines from all over the country, bringing to this village award-winning bar, kitchen and wine experts for differentiating experiences that challenge the palates of all who pass by.

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