Urban art murals in Setúbal are part of the cultural project Mural 18

An itinerary of urban art murals is created, starting in April, in the 18 municipalities in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon, including Setúbal, after selecting the collective of artists responsible for the execution of this cultural project within the scope of Mural 18.

The group of artists participating in this creative project of Mural 18 – Cultural Network Programming, which runs from April 21, was selected by lottery, held on February 12, in the facilities of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon.

Prior to the draw, each of the 18 municipalities that make up the Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon selected an urban art artist from their municipality and, randomly, that artist was drawn to intervene in a mural to be created in another municipality.

In the municipality of Setúbal, the mural will be painted by GonçaloMAR, an urban art artist with works already done in the city, namely in a gable in the neighborhood of Alameda das Palmeiras, in Bela Vista, and in the northern area of ​​the future Parque Urbano da Várzea, with the work “Jardins Efémeros”.

Francisco Vidal in Alcochete, Tosco in Almada, Hugo Pinhão in Amadora, Tiago Hesp in Barreiro, João Cruz in Cascais, Pedro Pinhal in Lisbon, Sérgio Odeith in Loures, Ricardo Tota in Mafra, and Gustavo São Pedro in Moita, are the other artists that make up the cast.

There’s also Tamara Alves, who paints in Montijo, João Samina in Odivelas, Ram Miguel in Oeiras, Vile in Palmela, João Rodrigues in Seixal, Raivo in Sintra, Smile in Vila Franca de Xira, and Amoca collective in Sesimbra.

The works in this itinerary, whose execution runs until May, seek to reveal the existence of common features that characterize the identity, culture, and experience in the territory, thus sharing a personal and artistic vision related to the cultural and natural heritage, the art and culture.

The initiative, which seeks to foster interest in contemporary urban art across the metropolitan area of ​​Lisbon and create points of interest in the public spaces involved, works, simultaneously, as a way of supporting the artists involved in the project.

Mural 18 – Cultural Programming in Network results from an application submitted by the Lisbon Metropolitan Area to the Lisbon 2020 Regional Operational Program and has a financial contribution of 1.5 million euros through the European Regional Development Fund.

The Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon and its 18 municipalities intend, with the organization of Mural 18, to refocus attention on the artistic community and promote the democratization of culture, encouraging and ensuring the access of all citizens to the enjoyment and cultural creation in the metropolitan territory.

More information about Mural 18, a cultural program with actions to run until September this year, can be consulted on the initiative’s website.

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