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Murilo Couto brings “Loose Ideas” to Casino Lisboa

Stand-up comedy night, scheduled for July 2nd

With his usual irreverence, Murilo Couto brings “Ideias Soltas” to the Auditorium dos Oceanos at Casino Lisboa.

The Brazilian comedian takes the stage to present a new stand-up comedy full of hilarious moments. The show is scheduled for July 2nd, starting at 9:30 pm.

Murilo Couto has been a stand-up comedy personality since “everything was bush”. His style of humour is original, verbose, irreverent and sometimes insane. He belongs to a generation of comedians where grace matters much more than grace.

Murilo Couto demonstrates his talent on the SBT channel in the program “A Night with Danilo Gentili”, in the cinema with “Terminators from Beyond” and even in some rap shows, as “Emicouto” is a legend.

But it is on the theatre stage that Murilo Couto delivers his best performance and the definitions of comedy begin to be updated. His solos “Eu, Eu Murilo”, “Fazendo Suas Graça”, “2020”, “2021”, “Idiota” and “Gala Seca” have already drawn thousands of people to theatres in Brazil (and he has even gone on an international tour because in reality his humour is without borders).

This year, after having his shows recorded for streaming on Netflix, Globoplay, Star+ and Amazon Prime, Murilo Couto returns to the theatre with his new and audacious solo, “Ideias Soltas”, to once again raise the level of humour (or maybe knock him down).

However, perhaps his ideas may not be very intelligent, but they are certainly the funniest. It is an inconsequential, irresponsible and insolent show. In other words, unmissable. Refuse imitations.

Murilo Couto presents, on July 2nd, at 9:30 pm, the stand-up comedy “Ideias Soltas” at the Auditorium dos Oceanos at Casino Lisboa. M/16. Price: €25

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