Murta returns under his own name with “Escuta”

It is Murta’s return to publishing in his own name, about a year after the release of “Palavra”. In the meantime, he edited in partnership with Blacci, Dengaz, Harold, and Ary Rafeiro and closed himself in the studio to work on what will be his second album: “Luv is a Legacy”.

«After my debut in 2019, I decided to step back a bit, focus on myself and understand what I wanted to offer people because I always wanted something different, something that would add value to me and what surrounds me. A few years later I’m back with Escuta and with a sound closer to what I feel, largely because of the people I surrounded myself with. This song is a personal reflection of what I feel but I also want it to be for all the people who are still trying to connect with those they love and can’t because of fear or insecurity. I’m back and I’m not leaving anytime soon.»

It is Murta who thus defines this first sample of his new work and the sound that marks the beginning and which can already be heard, as of today, on all digital platforms.

Author, composer, and producer, Murta releasedPorquê”, his first single with the Universal Music label, in 2018. The theme became a huge success, reaching the Platinum Single and, only on YouTube, the official video adds over 8.5 million views to date.

After that, the singles “Respeitar” and “Segredos” followed all themes that would be part of the debut album: “D’ A R T V I D A” (2019). On the tour that followed, he was present at Festival Sudoeste and EDP CoolJazz and released “Sweet Spot” with Papillon, with whom he performed at Festival Sol da Caparica. Also in 2020, he was nominated in the category of Breakthrough Artist at the PLAY – Portuguese Music Awards and released an unpublished song: “Alguém Que Mude”, a theme that revealed the artist’s unique personality, with references to classic R&B. It is these R&B references that return in “Palavra”, a single produced by FRANKIEONTHEGUITAR and D’ay released in the final stretch of 2021.

“Escuta” maintains this more intimate and personal side of Murta. “Luv is a Legacy and this is just the beginning.”

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