Holocaust Museum in Porto with admission is free until June

The first Iberian museum of its kind was to open on January 27, International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Holocaust, however, with the museums closed because of Covid-19, this did not happen. But since the memory of the genocide is to be perpetual, after more than two months, the Holocaust Museum in Porto opened this week and admission is free until the month of June.

It is on Rua do Campo Alegre that you will be able to know inside one of the most important events in history. The Jewish Community of Porto, whose parents, grandparents and family members were victims of the Nazis in World War II, reproduced the dormitories at the Auschwitz concentration camp, a room named after the victims, a memorial of the flame, but also movie theaters and conference center and a study center.

At the inauguration, and portraying the way prisoners arrived at concentration camps, visitors are welcomed with a concert by the Classical Orchestra of the Center, to the sound of pieces related to the theme of the Holocaust.

In the image of the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, in the United States, space corridors seek to tell the whole story of the persecution, torture and murder of more than six million people in Germany by Adolf Hitler through photographs and screens that show real films. about an event also known as “Shoah” or “Final Solution”.

In 2013, the Jewish Community of Porto shared with the Holocaust Museum of the North American capital all the files referring to refugees who passed through the city of Porto that it had. These archives, now returned to the city, include official documents, testimonies, letters, and hundreds of individual files. In the museum, which opened doors this week, documents and objects, the Sifrei Torah (Torah scrolls), left by refugees in the Porto Synagogue during World War II will also be on display.

In the words of the organizers of the space, the Holocaust Museum in Porto presents “Jewish life before the Holocaust, Nazism, the Nazi expansion in Europe, the ghettos, refugees, concentration camps, work, and extermination camps, the “Final Solution”, death marches, liberation, the post-war Jewish population, the founding of the State of Israel, winning or starving, the just among the nations”.

But not only. The objective is also to invest in education, in the professional training of educators, as well as in the promotion of exhibitions, with a strong focus on research. On September 20, for example, the first of these training actions takes place, aimed at teachers and which will count on the presence of Holocaust survivors, as well as representatives of other museums of the kind around the world.

Thousands of tourists are expected in the summer and around 10,000 students from schools throughout the year“, believes Josef Lassmann, a member of the Jewish Community of Porto, cited in a statement. With free admission until June, the Holocaust Museum will operate on weekdays between 2:30 pm and 5:30 pm.

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