Museums and monuments return to regular hours starting tomorrow

The museums, palaces, and monuments return to the usual times, from next Saturday, with the emergency state survey.

The new time of museums will extend to similar equipment, and it happens simultaneously with the new time limit of cultural spectacles, which passes to 10:30 pm, from May 1st.

Museums, monuments and national palaces, under the tutelage of the Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage (DGPC), in general, have as a reference time, for closure, at 18:00, but different equipment, managed by different entities, They may have different schedules, applying the limit of 22:30.

The new time limit applies daily, on weekends and weekends, according to the approved resolution in Council of Ministers, which declares the situation of calamity, throughout the national continental territory, from 00:00 of day 1 From May, until the last minute of the next 16th.

New schedules give continuity to the recovery of cultural activities undertaken phased by March 15, the day they might reopen bookstores, disk stores, libraries and files.

On April 5, the museums, monuments, palaces, art galleries and the like are followed and, on April 19, theaters, spectacle rooms and cinemas, when they could also be resumed events abroad, subject to approval of the Directorate-General for Health.

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