Music celebrates regional traditions in Setúbal

The typical Setubal ensemble Os Massacotes performed on the 21st at Casa da Baía, in an event of dynamism and animation of the summer nights.

At the concert, entitled “Os Massacotes para cantar a música da Nossa Terra”, the band provided a moment of celebration and good mood, with the interpretation of some of the most emblematic songs, such as “Rio Azul”, “É de Setúbal não há Igual” and “Abraço a Setúbal”.

Original themes were also presented, which speak of traditions, the toil of the sea, gastronomy, tourism, people, and the beauty of the country.

The sadino group, formed in 2009, sings and promotes Portuguese popular music and contributes to the preservation of the country’s cultural identity, including that of the municipality of Setúbal.


@ Setúbal
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