Ibero-American music is shown in Setúbal

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Setúbal is once again the capital of Ibero-American music by hosting, on October 21, 22, and 23, the seventh edition of EXIB Música, with nearly two dozen free concerts in Praça de Bocage and Convento de Jesus.

Colombian Adriana Ospina, Uruguayan Maia Castro, Brazilian Thais Morell, Argentine Sofia Rei and Cubans Víctor Zamora y Sexteto Cuba are headliners in Latin America.

From different autonomous communities in Spain come the Tanxungeiras, from Galicia, Alba Carmona, from Catalonia, Xabi Aburuzaga, from the Basque Country, and the Musicando Ensamble, from the Canary Islands.

The poster of free concerts, always at Praça de Bocage and Convento de Jesus, also has Portuguese participation, with performances by Maria Emília, Monda, Moçoilas, Pedro Mestre and Cardo Roxo.

The event also reserves concerts conceived exclusively for this edition with music from both sides of the Atlantic with performances by Argentinean Martin Sued and Portuguese Bernardo Couto and by Brazilian Pedro Iaco and Portuguese Manuel Linhares.

Another highlight in this edition of EXIB Música, which has the support of OEI Portugal – Oficina de Educación Iberoamericana and various partnerships, for a performance by Cape Verdean Miroca Paris, celebrating two decades of his career.

Musical presentations, meetings and exhibitions make up the event held for the third consecutive year in the city, organized by the Associação Exib Música Expo Iberoamericana de Música, together with the Câmara de Setúbal.

This year’s edition is once again face-to-face, after overcoming the difficulties posed by the pandemic, also maintaining an online dissemination version via streaming to Ibero-American countries.

The event aims to promote the cultural diffusion of Latin America, as well as foster intercultural dialogue with Europe, encouraging artistic circulation and a better knowledge of the musical and cultural diversity of the Ibero-American region.

Taking into account the line of diversity proposed by EXIB Música, Setúbal welcomes original proposals from Latin America, Portugal and Spain, which together constitute a meeting of musical experiences.

In addition to free concerts to promote musical projects by artists from the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, EXIB Música aims to share knowledge between musicians from both territories. In this regard, the event provides a professional platform for holding business meetings and developing mobility circuits for musical circulation.

EXIB Música’s program also includes shows and conversations with artists from Latin America, as well as street performances, guided tours and fairs of local products that help discover Setúbal.

Full schedule here.

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