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Música no Parque brought us the charm of Fado

In Cascais, known as the Charm of Atlantic coast, the Music in the Park nights had one of its high points last Friday, the day when fado was present, with two great names, Marco Rodrigues and Carminho, fado singers.

With an almost sold-out venue, Marco and Carminho sang and were enchanted with well-known themes from their respective repertoires.

Marco Rodrigues – Música no Parque – Cascais 2021.08.27 ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews

Marco also remembered Carlos do Carmo with Bairro Alto”, “Lisboa, Menina e Moça, followed by Fado do Cobarde“, “Eu Sou do Rock” and “Copo meio Cheio.

Before singing “O Homem do Saldanha”, the fado singer told us the story behind the song: João Serra, a man better known as Senhor do Adeus, was a person who was on the outskirts of Saldanha, in Lisbon, where the fado singer lived, and who waved to people passing by, passersby answered, when you ‘disappeared’ the corner was not the same, because Senhor do Adeus lit the corner.

Masterfully accompanied by Pedro Viana on Portuguese guitar, Frederico Gato on Bass, Sertório Calado on drums and percussion and Nelson Aleixo on viola, the fado singer ends his performance with “Fado Fantasma”, Marco Rodrigues’ last single, and how could it be with O Tempo”.

Carminho – Música no Parque – Cascais 2021.08.27 ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews

The fado singer presented us with O Começo”, “Desengano”, “O Menino e a Cidade”, “A Bia da Mouraria”.

Between Fados, Carminho also revealed aspects of her life linked to music, she said that when she was a girl she used to listen to the late Carlos Zel at Casa de Fados Arreda in Cascais, which is a land of fado.

She is fascinated by the fact that fado is not a memory, and justifies it by being able to add verses and poems to songs by Alfredo Marceneiro, thus making fado a current song and not a memory.

Like Fado Santa Luzia, who is about 30 years old, sings “Se Vieres”, “A Mulher Vento“, with verses by Fernando Pessoa, “Bom Dia, Amor“, letter from Maria José to Serralheiro, fado dedicated to all the needy and lonely people.

She sang Disse-te Adeus”, “Malva-Rosa”, “Meu Amor Marinheiro”, “Quero um Cavalo de Várias Cores”, he confided that his album “Maria” is composed of childhood memories, he told us that his parents owned the Fado HouseO Empossado“, where he slept on the benches listening to the fado.

The musicians on duty were the spectacular André Dias on Portuguese guitar, Flávio Cardoso on fado viola, Tiago Maia on bass and Pedro Geraldes on guitar/lapsteel.

The song continued with “Estrela”, fado that Carminho dedicated to everyone who loves us, who illuminate life in all its moments, Sete Saias da Nazaré”, “Senhora da Nazaré” and“Uma Vida noutra Vida”.

And it is with “Escrito Teu Nome no Vento” that Carminho ends a wonderful night of Fado.

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