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Musical “The Simon & Garfunkel Story” is returning to Portugal!

The musical that celebrates the Simon & Garfunkel songbook is back. This show which sold out several theaters in Portugal and was seen by more than 250 people worldwide will be in Estoril, Porto, Coimbra, Braga and Lisbon in January.

Sam O’Hanlon (who plays Paul Simon), Charles Blyth (Art Garfunkel) and the band that accompanies them live recreate well-known songs such as Mrs Robinson, The Sound of Silence, Bridge over Trouble Water or Homeward Bound, among others

The songbook of the mythical duo Simon & Garfunkel is one of the most celebrated in the world. When they performed the mythical Concert In Central Park in New York in 1981, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel captivated not only the half million people who applauded them that night but an entire generation that sang with one voice eternal themes such as Mrs Robinson, Cecília or The Boxer.

The Simon & Garfunkel Story has been seen by more than 250,000 people, making it the most-watched travelling musical in the world. It includes the exceptional voices of Sam O’Hanlon, in the role of Paul Simon and Charles Blyth, who plays Art Garfunkel, a band of top-quality musicians and new high-definition video projection technologies make this a unique, perfect experience for audiences of all ages who continue to want to applaud the great songs that unite generations.
ESTORIL, PORTO AND LISBON – from 10am on Wednesday
COIMBRA AND BRAGA – available soon

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, ticket place of sale, price, and availability.

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