Musical Theater “Selva de Lata” in Valença

Fortaleza de Valença will host the musical theater “Selva de Lata”, Saturday, June 24, at 21:30, in the enclosure of the “tennis court”.

This adaptation of the musical “The Lion King” focuses on art, under the “motto” of recycling and intends to show how an intervention tool in the community, in favor of sustainability.

267 elements on stage, with 165 voices in the choirs, 90 musicians in the symphony orchestra and 12 characters in the cast, embody this musical theatre. On stage will be all the students and teachers of the Academia de Música Fortaleza de Valença, as well as members of the Coro Mistura Vocal, from Galicia.

Musical Theater “Selva de Lata” Closes the Academic Year of the Fortaleza de Valença Music Academy.

The musical narrative is built on a transdisciplinary crossing that, through a theatrical game, develops in a strange jungle, made of tin, with scrap trees, full of dangers and challenges, with characters that reinvent themselves in this environment. The action takes place in an environment of textures that dialogue with contemporaneity, inviting the spectator to reinvent itself.

During the month of May, several workshops were held in which the participants, using recycled materials, made props for the scenery and costumes for the students.

This piece is a production of the Academia de Música Fortaleza de Valença and the show will have the support and collaboration of the Municipality of Valença, parish councils, associations, the business environment and the municipality’s IPSS.

The artistic direction and coordination is in charge of Ivone Ribeiro, the staging is by Sílvia Barbosa, the dramaturgy by Rui Mendonça, the scenography is by Cláudia Ribeiro and Patrick Hubmann, the costumes by Cláudia Ribeiro, the orchestral adaptation by Bernardo Lima and the musical direction by Fabio Oliveira. The choral direction will be in charge of Aloia Martinez, Maria João Domingues, Cíntia Pereira and Ivone Ribeiro and the vocal technique of João Azevedo.

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