Musical trip with Luísa and Salvador Sobral

Yesterday was the first of two shows that take Luísa and Salvador Sobral to the stage of the Tivoli BBVA, to take us on a journey through the music that is part of their lives.

It was with a full house, but following all the rules of the DGS, that the Sobral brothers performed on stage at the Tivoli BBVA in Lisbon for the first concert, of this unprecedented show, which took the public, who managed to get a ticket, on a journey through the music that is part of these two excellent Portuguese singers and authors life.

Luisa Salvador Sobral -Tivoli 20210106
© Luis M Serrao – iNeews

As customary, they are very cherished by the Portuguese public, which in all shows fills the rooms to see and applaud them, alone on stage, they filled the stage of Tivoli BBVA with good music, good mood and joy.

In the presentation of this concert, the artists mention that “Our voices were for years the echo of each other. We sang together since we remembered to sing and our childhood was spent perfecting the art of harmonies and “glueing” the voices to the point that they seemed to be one. We grew up and each one followed his own musical path. We were part of that path, participating in concerts, writing lyrics and recording themes together. and also that “We always knew that this day was going to come, the day of our concert, but we wanted to do it when it made sense to us.”

“This show will be a journey through time where, through songs and stories, the audience will be able to get to know our musical and fraternal life more deeply. We will play those songs that were important to us and that bring memories inside out. , we’ll play whatever we feel like because we’re finally going to do our concert. ” they also mention Luísa and Salvador Sobral in the introduction to this concert.

Luisa Salvador Sobral -Tivoli 20210106
© Luis M Serrao – iNeews

On this musical journey, we can listen to songs of the most different styles and authors, which both did hear in the car, depending on whether they were going with either their father or mother or what each one heard in their room or on the radio, songs by authors such as Maria Bethânia, Gabriel O Pensador, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Ray Charles and others are part of this journey through the musical life of the Sobral brothers but also ours, which was good to remember.


  • Vaso Novo
  • Two of us
  • Maria Bethânia – Onde Estará o Meu Amor?
  • Logo que passe a monção
  • Charlatão
  • Asas
  • Medley Spice Girls/Backstreet Boys
  • If It´s Magic
  • Cai neve em NY
  • Ray Charles
  • I just haven´t met you yet
  • Bridge over trouble water
  • Rap/Blue Skies
  • I might just stay away
  • It would be so nice to come home
  • Amar pelos dois
  • Só um Beijo
  • La solitudine
  • In arms of angels
  • 2345Meia78
  • You’ll have to swing it

Production: Força de Produção

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