mutu edit “The death of the artist” on April 28

and present new music video “A Seita”

A Seita”, mutu’s third single from the band’s debut album, focuses on one of the most ancient tools of population control: sects.

From a historical point of view, the clearest example resides in religious orders, which use figures of superior power as a vehicle for the implementation of social rules, behavioral control, and mass exercise of power.

Nowadays, sects assume a much more camouflaged figure. In a society where idolization, rule, and good opinion prevail, power groups use this to exercise their control in a subtle and effective way.

In constant harassment to follow the “good example”, if we choose to be different we are immediately confronted by criticism, judgment, and the imposition of fear! A clear example of this is the friction that artists face when they try to avoid being dragged into the flow of the conventional profession, a fact portrayed in the music video for the theme, produced by DOC Narrativa and directed by Juliana Ramalho.


With a strong identity component, in a contemporary musical register, A Morte do Artista, the mutu’s first record work mixes the different paths of the musicians involved. To this crossing of influences, messages are added that aim to awaken critical thinking in the listener about today’s social issues.

The popular expression that gives the album its name serves as a cover for the various themes addressed. Today, we are witnessing a collective thinning of creativity due to the increasing pressure of daily routines and the collective migratory flow to large urban centers. We let our creative sources, origins, people, and customs dry up in favor of the dream of work and financial success. We often give up who we are and what we really want, for this uncomfortable comfort. This record is therefore a wake-up call, an introspective wake-up call to these social and individual issues that become urgent. In the age of advanced technology, we created and developed creative artificial intelligence, something ironic, because while machines become artistic, we wither this very human dimension. Are we really watching Death of the Artist?

A Morte do Artista will be published on the 28th of April.

©Juliana Ramalho

mutu biography

Mutu is a project from Braga, starting in 2020, which consolidates in a single record influences ranging from electronic to traditional music. With a modern approach, they seek to sensitize the public to reflect, through art, on the environment that surrounds them.

It features musicians from various musical influences: Diogo Martins on vocals, Pedro Fernandes on synthesizers and guitar, Nuno Gonçalves on keyboards, and João Costeira on drums.

Diogo Martins got his start in music on the classical guitar and in 2009 he founded Nó(s), an acoustic duet of originals in Portuguese. He was involved in traditional percussion groups at the University of Minho and in 2010 he founded Cabra Çega, a band dedicated to traditional roots music that released an album in 2012.

João Costeira, a musician since 2013, began his drum training in 2015 at the Porto Jazz School. Projects: Os Canto Esquina, GrandFather’s House, MÁLÁLÁ, Dead Men Talking, Palas. Discography: EPs À Sorte 2014, Dente de Leão 2018 and Causa Perdida 2019; LPs Slow Move 2016, Diving 2017, Places Without Answers 2018.

Nuno Gonçalves, who has been active since he was 16 years old, has studied piano since he was 12 years old and has diplomas of 6th Degree in Classical Piano and 5th Degree in Jazz Piano by ABRSM. It started with the Os Canto-Esquina project, which came to an end. In 2017, he joined the GrandFather’s House project. At the moment it has 2 edited discs.

Pedro Fernandes is a musician who has been active since he was 15. Projects: Okultos (2002 to 2005) and EGGBOX (2005 to 2016). Instruments: Keyboard, synthesizers, and guitar. Record work: Environmental Contrarieties EP 2007, Blocked EP 2012, Collection À Shadow of GOD 2012, LP LALEIA 2015.

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