MUVI Festival looks at the national music in a new house in Almada

A tribute to Celeste Rodrigues, an exhibition about the Xutos & Pontapés and more than 80 films are guaranteed at the MUVI film festival, which in the fifth edition gains a new life and identity when moving to Almada.

“Maybe we were not getting the voice we wanted for the festival, because Lisbon has a lot of film festivals.” In a cartoonish way, it could be said that there is almost one film festival per week in Lisbon. difficult to get the message across from the point of view of the pertinence that we think the festival has, “said one of the MUVI officials, Pedro Barros.

The fifth edition of the MUVI – International Film Music Festival begins on the 21st with more than 80 films to be exhibited at the Municipal Forum Romeu Correia, in Almada, with the municipality to provide logistical and financial support.

The festival moves to Almada after having taken place in previous years in São Jorge cinema, in Lisbon. It was there that the organization made a farewell, non-competitive edition last November, and some of the films featured here are now on the Almada lineup.

Pedro Barros considers that, after Lisbon, Almada is “the county that has more and better cultural production,” praising “a very interesting involvement” in relation to music, which will allow the festival to make itself heard.

The opening of MUVI makes this direct connection to the cultural context of Almada, with the production of Rui Berton’s documentary ‘On the Margin: A History of Rock’, produced by João Tempera and Davide Pinheiro, which refers to the exhibition on the rock scene of Almada that is evident in the Museum of the City.

The six competitive sections dedicated to short films, feature films, and music videos are maintained both Portuguese and foreign.

Highlight for the Portuguese longs competition, which includes the opening film and also ‘I still have a dream or two – The story of Pop Dell’Arte’ by Nuno Galopim and Nuno Duarte, ‘Heavy Metal Portugal – O documentary ‘by João Mendes, ‘Milita’, resulting from a concert of the Blasted Mechanism,’ NU ‘, the new album-movie of the First Breath After Coma,’ Farewell ‘by Ricardo Couto and Rui Portulez,’ The Paris’, by Tiago Pereira, ‘Barulho, Eclipse’ by Ico Costa, and ‘A kind of punk’ by Rui Portulez.

The Portuguese short film competition features ‘Barreiro Rock City – A guide by Nick Suave’ by Bruno Martins and Leonor Loureiro, ‘O Stradivarius português’ by Rafael Abalada Matos, and ‘Tanque’ by Fábio Poco and Sérgio Salgueiro.

Sixty Portuguese and foreign music videos were also selected for the competition. On the national side are present works of names such as Carlão, Aline Frazão, Dino D’Santiago, x-Wife, Sam the Kid, Selma Uamusse, The Legendary Tigerman and Stereosaurus.

Among the foreign production films to be shown in competition at Muvi are the long ‘Peret, yo soy la rumba’, that the Spanish director Paloma Zapata will present on the 24th, in Almada, ‘State-Less’ by Sharon Hoter- Ishay, and ‘Fevereiros’ by Marcio Debellian, and the short films ‘More than a Barbershop’ by Xandru Fernández Ramírez and Fernando Perandones, and ‘The Return’ by Liudmila Komrakova.

At the closing, in tribute to the fado singer Celeste Rodrigues, who died last year, will be screened the documentary ‘Celeste’, performed by the grandson, Diogo Varela Silva. Before the performance, a performance by guitarist Gaspar Varela, the great-grandson of the artist, will take place.

Other concerts are planned at the festival, notably by Joana Barra Vaz and Andy Sheppard.

At the Romeu Correia Municipal Forum, there will also be an exhibition of the photographer Cameraman Metálico, who recorded in photography the 40 years of the Xutos & Pontapés.

The MUVI will end on March 3rd.

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