MUVI Festival opens farewell edition of Lisbon to go to Almada

The MUVI – International Music Festival in the Cinema opens today a farewell edition of Lisbon, with the exhibition of “Meu Caro Amigo Chico” by Joana Barra Vaz and “Heavy Metal Portugal – O Documentário” by João Mendes.

The festival changes in 2019 to Almada, but before it does a balance edition, only with Portuguese productions, which runs until Sunday at Cinema São Jorge, and which will show “some of the most emblematic films”, exhibited over the years, “always with the presence of directors and some friends well known in the musical world,” he said in a statement.

The next edition of MUVI, the Portuguese festival dedicated exclusively to the cinema about music, will run from February 21 to March 3, 2019, in Almada, with a venue still to be announced.

In Lisbon, in the balance sheet edition and without any competition, MUVI will present 11 documentaries, most of them already shown in previous editions, although there are some premieres.

This is the case of João Mendes’s “Heavy Metal Portugal – O Documentário”, which will be shown tonight, according to the programming, which is considered the first documentary film on Portuguese heavy metal, with testimonies from various groups, in particular, the Moonspell.

“This film has come a long way so as not to lose the memory of these bands and the people involved, it was a lot in this line and with the power to go get as many witnesses as possible from these people. This style of music is a niche and was a bit neglected”, João Mendes told the Lusa news agency in early October.

Another of the premieres at MUVI will be “Sarapanta”, a contemplative documentary by journalist Cristiano Pereira (who signed as Cristiano Saturno), shot in Alaska, where he was filming aurora borealis.

In MUVI it will be possible to remember, among others, “Meu Caro Amigo Chico”, a film by Joana Barra Vaz about Portugal, based on a song by Chico Buarque, with the participation of several Portuguese musicians. The film opens today the festival, with the screening scheduled for 18:30.

This documentary includes, among others, “The seventh life of Gualdino” by Filipe Araújo, about the drummer Gualdino Barros, “Pontas Soltas” by Ricardo Oliveira, about the process of recording an album by Captain Fausto, and “Auto Rádio”, of Gonçalo Pôla, on the tour of the homonymous album of Benjamin.

It will also be possible to recall two names of Portuguese music that died recently: fado singer Celeste Rodrigues, with the film “Celeste”, by Diogo Varela Silva, and guitarist Filipe Mendes, with “Phil Mendrix” by Paulo Abreu.

The closing session of MUVI Lisboa will be with “Farewell” by Ricardo Clara Couto and Rui Portulez, a documentary about the first decade of the Portuguese Sean Riley & The Slowriders.

During MUVI, the exhibitions “Caminhos de Ser Feliz” by Ana Cláudia Silva and “The Road” by Graziela Costa will be patented in São Jorge.

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